Week 5 Macro



8 thoughts on “Week 5 Macro

  1. Joseph Heil

    Nice Rick! I like the colors and lines of the first photo and the darkness of the second photo. The third is also interesting, at first glance it looks like whipped cream with peaks.


  2. richardscottwaid Post author

    Thanks, Joseph! I was pleased with the results of the plumeria leaves. The first one I could crop down to a really small portion and still maintain some good resolution. The third one is a weird kind of cactus that my cousin gave me. It has a peculiar undulating construction and a pale blue/green hue. I really like Macro and I am still working on making them better.


  3. k1kaiser

    Macro is such fun. Nice color and lighting in the first image and all of the tiny details are visible. The “weird cactus” with its wispy spider webs looks good in b & w. The third image takes me to a jeweled world of fantasy and whimsy.


    1. richardscottwaid Post author

      Thank you, Karen! I really love Macro as it makes ordinary, everyday things, new and exotic. The black and white is a plumeria getting ready to bloom. The third one is an exotic plant that was given to me as a gift.



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