View From Below Week #7


This is my submission for the topic of “View from below”    I think palm trees are particularly interesting and beautiful when viewed from below.  I like this variety as well.  It was taken on a beautiful sunny day with a gorgeous blue sky, but I decided I liked the juxtaposition of the black and white and the texture it brings out.



Week #10 Leading Lines



This is my photo for “Leading Lines”  I like how the traffic lines, the street itself, the palm trees and the buildings all contribute to a leading lines sort of perspective.

Week #11 Golden Ratio




This one has me a little intimidated.  Golden ratio is a formula for proportions using Fibonacci numbers.  Basically, the proportions end up looking like a form in nature similar to a nautilus shell, or these absolutely gorgeous land snail shells.  These shells are about 2-3 inches long and were found here in Sarasota.  Here is a link to the Golden Ratio Definition.