Week 6 “Forsaken”



10 thoughts on “Week 6 “Forsaken”

    1. richardscottwaid Post author

      Thanks, Jaqueline! This old fire engine has been slowly achieving its vintage over years of neglect. Lichens live on the fenders and headlight trim rings. There’s even a little fern growing in the wheel well. It is in stark contrast to the Ferraris that I photographed earlier that day. The patina of light and dark red with the green lichen make the finish seem so organic now.


    1. richardscottwaid Post author

      Thank you! This truck has an amazing patina of lichen, faded paint, oxidation and rust that was earned over years and years of neglect. It is more interesting than the shiny Ferraris that I photographed just a couple of hours before this vehicle. It’s a work of art by mother nature!


  1. k1kaiser

    There’s a lot going on in these images and it’s obvious that you were completely captivated by this vehicle. Is that a garden chair that’s peeking out of the driver’s side window? Does the headlight reflect an inverted landscape? These are sharp images, lovingly processed. I enjoyed looking at them.

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  2. richardscottwaid Post author

    There was a lot going on with this vehicle. Everywhere I looked, I found something else that was interesting. It wasn’t until I edited the photos that I noticed the fern growing in the wheel well. Yes, I believe it is a garden chair behind the wheel. Thank you for the kind words. I took this photo with one of my favorite lenses that has a very sharp focus (60 mm prime macro Nikon). The editing brought out the detail and the wonderful aged patina of the skin of the vehicle as well as the contrasting cooler color of the failing finish on the chrome bumper.



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